Design the next tablet stand that will b…|Skets(スケッツ)

~Keep Japanese good techniques alive! Project~ Second initiative: Make the most of technology now [Job Summary] Tokaiseisakujyo has been manufacturing products from 1956 to the present day. We are waiting for your ideas of design for tablet stand that can be easily integrate into coffee shop and office interiors, to keep carrying on Japanese manufacturing techniques. The best design will actually be manufactured by the Tokaiseisakujyo company and be used in: ・ Coffee shops as pre-order kiosk, etc. ・ ADDIX office (Skets operating company) as conference room reservation system, etc. We are looking forward to everyone’s application! ■See image of pop-up coffee shop

■ More details about Tokaiseisakujyo

*Tokaiseisakujyo production examples:

*Tokaiseisakujyo (Japanese):
*Idea competition: (Succession to first initiative project) *Please check the link bellow for more information about Tokaiseisakujyo in English.


———————————————————————– [What to Submit] ・Design a tablet stand that can be easily integrate in coffee shop and office spaces. ・Detailed description and explanation, design drawing, etc. (free) *Base your design on the reference design. *There is no restriction about the product shape and design (3D, flat, etc.) [Design Image] ・New design that gains the public attention, with a futuristic touch. ・Design that can be easily used in many coffee shop (popup coffee shop), office, etc. *Please take a look at the reference design bellow:

*If you use Internet Explorer, we recommend visiting the link with version 9 or higher. ———————————————————————– [Points to Notice] ・ Do not copy information from another site, violate another person copyright, etc.

・ By submitting, you give the property right of the submitted content to our company at the same time.

Selection Process The Company Tokaiseisakujyo and Skets operation staff select together and impartially the winning prize work. [N.B.]

Please understand that in some case, first prize work is not used or used after edition.

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