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The digital marketing ADDIX is looking for a logo design for the creation of its new child company ”ADDIX C&S”. The selected design will be used for multi-purposes on website, pamphlets etc. ■Company Profile 【About ADDIX】 ADDIX is a digital marketing company. With “Creating power to realize your dream” as its philosophy, the company mainly “designs marketing strategies for its clients”, “develops creative that attract and impress people”, “creates new markets and business” in the digital field. To know more, please see the following link:


【About the new company「ADDIX C&S」】 While using the web has become very common, the real and the web are operating together, turning picturing potential results into a challenge that companies and organizations, regardless of their scale, should tackle. On the other hand, areas to handle in digital marketing are very vast. It is not easy to figure out what to put together in order to grow. What should be done so that digital marketing can benefit better to my business? “ADDIX C&S” offers solutions in relation to digital marketing outsourcing. Through operation outsourcing, it creates a favorable environment for the client to focus on its core business with the time that has become available. What can I do regarding the current organization, human resources of my company? What is currently missing to it in order to do that? In order to solve the above problems, ADDIX C&S will be the team running in parallel to its client’s digital efforts. ■Logo image 【Name to be turned into a logo】 ADDIX C&S 【Desired Image】 The logo of the new company should be text-based to keynote the logo of the parent company ADDIX and designed with a simple typography. We would like a logo that can transmit the following impression: ※There is no need for icons or characters and such. We leave the simple decorations of the letters up to you. ・Client, connection with the company ・Confidence, peace of mind ※※※Please download the ADDIX logo from the link below※※※


【Desired Colors】 ※Make use of the ADDIX logo red color. ※We leave up to you the choice of other colors to marry with it. Selection Process We will select the work that we like best. Additional Info ・If your design is selected, please transfer to the company the copyrights (property rights) as stated in the Terms of Use. ・If you are using, for example, fonts and images, please make sure that you are allowed to do so for the above use, please be aware of the intellectual property rights of a third party. ・Please refrain from using other sites information without permission to do so or infringing the copyrighted work of other people.

・Please note that in the case that no work would be found worthy to be selected as the winner, there will be no winner.

Prize ¥30,000 Detail Grand Prize (1 point) 30,000 yen

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