4 benefits to registering with Skets

Show your portfolio to clients in Japan When you register to Skets, you can also register your portfolio. Clients based in Japan that watch your portfolio can make requests to you directly about creative work.

Chance to win cash rewards Participate in creative competitions from companies in Japan, and receive a reward for your work if a client chooses it. You need a paypal account for remunerations from Japan.

Get the occasion to improve your skills Members have the possibility to see various designs from various different countries which can aid in nourrishing your creativity and honing your skills.

Use your time efficiently Skets gives you the possibility to work online when you have free time between other projects, so you won’t have to worry about time and place to meet clients.

Take a look at works done with Skets


Design of a flash banner for a product’s appeal
Design of company’s official logo
Design of a website character mascot
Design of gift wrapping

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By pre-registering, you will receive an e-mail that will guide you to register when the Skets global website is available in late January 2014.

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