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cat2_title02-7937205 step01-6132583 First, register your basic info to become a Skets member!
*You can add additional information after registration to increase your job eligibility. step02-4468954 After registering, you can select from the various projects available under Competition. Here you can submit your entry (design, text, etc.) where it will then be reviewed. step03-2159183 “Members with winning entries will then be contacted.
*Members may also receive requests for editing their entries for final submission.” step04-1140128 After any necessary editing is completed, the entry is submitted to the client company. When client company confirms final submission, earned prize will be displayed under the “View Prizes” menu. step05-9041538 Prizes can be sent to your registered PayPal account by applying for collection in the “View Prizes” menu. Click here for more details on prize collection policies. cat2_title03-1143809

For Skets, a member’s registration form is referred to as a “”resume.”” Completing as much of the resume as possible can result in: 1. Becoming eligible for a wider range of projects. 2. Being personally selected for a project by client companies. We encourage all members to fill in as much of their resume as possible to have higher chances at becoming eligible for projects.

cat2_title04-6081113 about_no1-8791376 Winning entries MUST complete their final entry submission to the respective client company in order to receive prize. about_no2-1915781 Please conduct all contact with client company on your My Page section. In case that client company asks for your contact information or any personal information, contact Skets Support( immediately.) about_no3-9490992 Please do not use material from other sites without permission and do not use any copyrighted materials.
WARNING: In the worst case scenario, members in violation of this may be liable to pay charges for any damage caused to Skets or sponsored companies. about_no4-5251566 Please apply for prize collection under the View Prizes tab. See details about_no5-9090946 For competitions, Skets often becomes a platform for carrying out contracts between members and sponsor companies for information provided. Because of this, there may be times where members will have to resolve any conflict with projects with respective sponsor company. about_no6-2069762 Ownership of entries moves from winning member to sponsor company at the time winning entry is delivered to sponsor company.

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Members who win competitions through Skets can receive cash prizes for their winning entries. Accumulated prize amounts can be viewed on My Page. Members can also apply for collecting their prize money. (rules below)

about_no1-8791376 “Accumulated prize money must be at least JPY 5,000.
Any handling fees from PayPal transfers will be deducted from applied collected prize amount.” about_no2-1915781 After applying for prize collection, prize money will be transferred to member’s registered PayPal account on the 15th day of the 2nd month following. (Ex. Application on January 7th will be transferred on March 15th)
If the 15th is on a non-business day, transfer will be made on the next business day. There is an application collection deadline which is one year from the last time prize money was accumulated on the last day of the month. (Ex. If last time prize was accumulated was December 2nd, 2012, deadline will be December 31st, 2013. If within this time, member accumulates additional prize money on May 15th, 2013, deadline for all accumulated prize money will be extended to May 31st, 2014.)

Company Name Addix, Inc.
Founded September, 2008
Address Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Kita-Aoyama 3-6-23 Aoyama Daihan Building 10FMAP
Industries/Services Digital Marketing – Online Business Planning/Development/Management – Online Store Support – Marketing Support/Consulting – Content Creation & Design – Systems/Solutions Planning/Development
TEL/FAX +81-3-6427-7621 / +81-3-6427-7622

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