Q&A よくあるお問い合わせ


What is Skets?
Skets is a "co-creation" platform that matches the needs of businesses with the ideas and skills of consumers.

What are the benefits for registering?
By registering with Skets, members are able to participate in design competitions and projects posted by Japanese businesses.

What kind of design competitions are available?
SThere is a wide variety of possible competition entries that can range from small scale projects such as creating logos, banners, or characters, to large scale projects such as creating websites and videos.


What is the cost for registering?
Member registration and competition participation are completely free.

What do you mean by "resume?"
"For Skets, a member's registration form is referred to as a ""resume."" Completing as much of the resume as possible can result in:
1. Becoming eligible for a wider range of projects.
2. Being personally selected for a project by client companies.

We encourage all members to fill in as much of their resume as possible to have higher chances at becoming eligible for projects."

I forgot my password.
Members can click here to reset their passwords.

I can't log in.
Please verify that your email address and password are correct. If you are still having trouble with logging in, you can click here to reset your password.

Is there an age restriction for registering?
Member registration is allowed only for users age 18 and up.

Can I create multiple accounts?
We only allow one account per member. One member holding multiple accounts can lead to all the member's accounts being banned.

Is it possible to register an account from outside Japan?
For users that have a PayPal account, registration is available worldwide.


What can I do on My Page?
On the My Page screen, members can edit their profiles (resume), see their competition entry history, message companies holding competitions, as well as manage prizes won.

Can I change my email address?
Yes, this can be done on My Page under Edit Basic Info.

What should I enter for my self introduction?
Information such as work history, hobbies, certificates, and/or specialized fields that help appeal your skills and know-how. Depending on the information entered, it may be possible to receive a direct email from a company that is interested in your described talents.

How do I use Messages?
Messages are used to contact companies that members have currently submitted their competition entries to. Please only use the Messages from My Page to contact these companies.


How do I submit my entry for competitions?
Clicking on the "Competitions" tab on the top menu will bring a list of competitions that you can participate in. After selecting a competition of interest, you can submit your entry within the respective competition's page.

I don't know if my entry was successfully submitted.
You can check all of your submitted entries from competitions you participated in the "Entry History" tab of My Page.

How can I see the past competitions I participated in?
You can check all of your submitted entries from competitions you participated in the "Entry History" tab of My Page.

How can I check a competition's prizes?
You can check prizes in each competition's Prizes section under details.

How do I know the results of a competition?
In general, winning entries are only announced to the winners. However, all entrants can check the status of a competition on My Page under Entry History.

How can I send a question regarding a particular competition?
Each competition has a "Send an inquiry" button for asking questions about the respective competition.

I still haven't been contacted by the sponsoring company.
If you do not receive a response after resending your message, you can contact the Skets Support Center and provide the Competition Name and Company and we will try to resolve the issue.
Skets Support Center: support@skets.jp


How do I collect my prize?
"You can collect your prize* in the View Prizes tab of My Page. Here, you can click the Prize Collection Application where you will then get your accumulated prize money transferred** on the 15th day*** of the 2nd month following. (Ex. Application on January 7th will be transferred on March 15th)
*Applications can only be made with accumulated prize money of JPY 5,000 or more.
**All transfers are for PayPal accounts.
***If the 15th is on a non-business day, transfer will be made on the next business day."

When will I receive my prize?
"on the 15th day* of the 2nd month following. (Ex. Application on January 1st will be transferred on March 15th) *If the 15th in on a non-business day, transfer will be made on the next business day."

How do I set my PayPal account?
You can set your account in the PayPal Account Settings tab in My Page.

Is PayPal the only way I can collect my prize money?
Yes, currently this is the only method.

I haven't received my prize money yet.
If you have not received a transfer by the transfer date, please contact the Skets Support Center and provide the month you applied and prize transfer amount. (This can be checked in the Application History tab of My Page.) Skets Support Center: support@skets.jp

What name will the transfer be under?
Addix, Inc.

Do I need to file a tax return for prize money collected?
This is something we cannot answer as it depends on the regulations of the country members reside in. Please file if necessary.

What about tax withholding?
Skets is only a platform for companies and members to work together and so cannot withhold tax.

What happens to my accumulated prize money if I delete my account?
Accumulated prize money will be reduced to 0 if the account is deleted.


I want to unsubscribe from the newsletter.
In My Page, under the Edit Basic Info tab, you can select "Unsubscribe" in the Newsletter section.

I'm not receiving any newsletters.
"In My Page, under the Edit Basic Info tab, please check if you have selected ""Subscribe"" in the Newsletter section. *Please confirm that your email address is correct."

Can I contact sponsor companies outside of Skets?
Members are not allowed to contact sponsor companies outside of the Messaging system within Skets. Violation of this can result in deletion of your account.

Is there telephone support?
We only provide support through email.

What should I do if I have issues dealing with a sponsor company?
Please contact the Skets Support Center with the Competition Name and details of your issues.
Skets Support Center: support@skets.jp

I want to delete my account.
This is possible by selecting the "Delete Account" tab in My Page.