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[Job Summary] “HONOLULU COFFEE” mark is Honolulu green depicted by Hawaiian rich nature and Kona coffee leaves. At this Hawaiian Coffee Place, you can enjoy a relaxing Hawaiian time and a high quality Kona coffee. We are now searching for design and concept ideas for the new HONOLULU COFFEE Card. HONOLULU COFFEE Card First prize design will actually be used in stores. We are looking forward to everyone’s application! *HONOLULU COFFEE

Official Website:

*About current card image and functions:


———————————————————————– [What to Submit] ・Your design of HONOLULU COFFEE Card(Prepaid card to load)  ┗*Only horizontal design will be accepted. ・Your ideas and concept (function) for HONOLULU COFFEE Card ・Thought, background, argumentation about your design and concept [Design Image] ・A card that give a prestigious image to his holder ・A card that show that his holder loves Hawaii ・The logo must be integrated into your design (it must not be edited nor changed) [Card Concept Image] ・Future prepaid card functions that make think ”This is how cards will be in 5 years!” ———————————————————————– [Material]

・Please download the logo data and the card mount here:

[How to Submit Design Data] Download the Illustrator format material above and submit your design in .jpg format. *Apply a clipping mask following the format guide. *The file must not be larger than 2MB. [Points to Notice] ・Do not copy information from another site, violate another person copyright, etc.

・By submitting, you give the property right of the submitted content to our company at the same time.

Selection Process An impartial selection is done by the HONOLULU COFFEE Company and Skets operation office. [N.B.] Please understand that in some case, first prize work is not used or used after edition. Prize ¥100,000 Detail ・Prize: ¥100,000 cash

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