We are looking for a logo design for a n…|Skets(スケッツ)

■Job details: We are looking for a logo design for a new crowd funding service called “Owens” opening at the beginning of June. ■Details: Owens will be an affiliated website of Skets. ・What is Crowd funding? It is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. ・The origin of Owen’s name It comes from the idea of people who support to a common purpose. The website concept is the same as Skets: co-creation. We would like to build a community that support people who want to bring their project to life. ・Others: OWENS won’t be a specific website specialized in a unique category, but will cover a wide range of topics, which is why we are looking for a logo that embodies the process of something turning into reality. ■Name of the website: OWENS ■Expected image: Please turn in a logo design based on the above requirements. Following are the concrete image that we are expecting: – Use a key color orange (color code) >You can use it freely (just one point or for the complete design) – Use a typography that matches website’s design > Please take a look at the website’s design which is described above


SP:http://bit.ly/1nf1y6k > You can use a symbolic image but please avoid surrounded letters. -You don’t need to match the logo to Skets’ one. ■Important: 1- We will not accept files that contain information taken on other websites or the ones that don’t respect other person’s copyright.

2- The deliverable (logo design)’s ownership will go to our company.

Selection Process We will select the winning project that fits the most to our expectations.
>Take note that sometimes we decide not to choose a winner. Additional Info Possibility to extend the recruitment period by applicants. Prize ¥100,000 Detail First Prize: 80,000JPY
award (4 people): 5,000JPY

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