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[Details] Hotels and other types of accommodation usually give you their brochures… What do you usually do with them? Do you use them or keep them for your memories? Think about why you would want your original hotel brochure, such as: “It’s one that I would want to get. (No particular reason!)” “It’s one that I would want to have as a keepsake!” “It’s one that I would want to look at afterwards or remind of the hotel!” “It’s one that I would show my friends or share on SNS” , etc. What kind of style(s) make you feel the above? We are looking forward to seeing your ideas! ———————————————————————– [Files to submit] ・Design of your original hotel brochure ・It’s a good idea to attach the explanation about how it works or how to use it. *Please make data within 2MB *The file to be submitted must be using alphabet letters. *There are no limits to the shape of the design. eg. three-dimensional. [About the image] ・Your brochure should allow people to use it in new ways (eg: as part of a collection, a memorial, a display object, etc) ・There are no standards for the design’s style, shape or size. ・We don’t have any regulations about colors and materials. ・Your design ideas must consider user-friendliness. If it is too big to carry or too small to read it will not be accepted. [Your brochure must contain the information below.] ・Floor guide ・Rooms ・Food and restaurant ・Facilities ・Sightseeing points

・Access and map (on the rear side)

Selection Process The person in charge of the service impartially selects winning prize work. Please understand that in some case, first prize is not used, or work’s color/shape might be edited.

*Winning prize work is impartially selected by Skets.

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