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*NANAROBE 7th Anniversary!* The skincare brand NANAROBE that grew through its customer’s voice celebrates now its 7th Anniversary. NANAROBE will continue to meet the expectations of its customers and communicate in a more effective way with them. Logo, as the first brand image, is a part of this communication and contributes to increase brand awareness. ●About the logo design This brand was named NANAROBE, an abbreviation of “NATURAL”, “NATIVE”, “ROBE” with the wish of giving “a bare skin as it naturally born”. Take a look at the official website:

*about logo use  At first, logo will be used on the main product “Collocalia SUPER ALL IN ONE GEL”. Then we plan on using it on all product range of the brand. ●About the main product “Collocalia SUPER ALL IN ONE GEL” This 5 actions into 1 skin care was developed for busy women. After cleansing, this skin care does the work from lotion to make-up base. (Fragrance free, Color free, Paraben free, Allergy tested) “Collocalia SUPER ALL IN ONE GEL” cumulative sales have topped 500,000 items. It has been getting a high reputation among “all in one gel” products on cosmetics review sites. *Cumulative total from April 2011 【Design】 ・Target is mothers that are currently raising children. —————————————————- ・Simple skin care for new mothers ・NANAROBE for simple skin care ・Always be a beautiful mother at any age —————————————————- The concept is to support simple care (time saver) & aging care. We would like a design that appeal to these elegant and mild-mannered women described above. 【Colors】 Grey (no spot color) 【Requirements】 ・Good readability ・Monochrome is best (however we can accept 2 colors maximum) ・Letter case style is free among these:  (NANAROBE / Nanarobe / nanarobe) ・Do not use the icon on the current logo. We accept new designs, but icon is not required. 【Cash & Goods Prizes】 First Prize:30,000 JPY cash

Merit Prize:Collocalia SUPER ALL IN ONE GEL (Skin care)/ Collocalia SUPER VC LOTION (Skin lotion)

Selection Process Combi Corp. and Skets operation office make an impartial selection.

*Please understand that in some case, first prize work may not be used or used after edition.

Additional Info ・First Prize’s work copyright (property right), as indicated in our Terms of Use, will be transferred to our company. ・Verify that you are legally allowed to use font and/or images you will include in your design if so; Respect other person’s intellectual property right. ・Do not copy information from another site without permission, violate another person’s copyright, etc.

・Please understand that there will not have winning prize in case we do not select any competition entry.

Prize ¥30,000 Detail ▶ First Prize: 30,000 JPY ▶ Merit Prize:Collocalia SUPER ALL IN ONE GEL (Skin care)/ Collocalia SUPER VC LOTION (Skin lotion)

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