Competition for creative design for a si…|Skets(スケッツ)

It is not logo design competition but creative sign competition using the logo predetermined. *the logo predetermined is bellow.

[Competition’s outline] “Let’s buy a house in Tokyo”is the catch phrase of the real estate agency OPEN HOUSE’s commercial. We have the pleasure to organize a competition for creative design for a sign post using logo that would represent this agency’s concept. If your splendid creative design is selected, it will be used in all OPEN HOUSE’s land properties in Tokyo area! [Purpose of Use] The sign will be used to widen OPEN HOUSE real estate agency’s selling properties. [assignements] Sign’s design of houses on sale *Except the following 3 points, there are no rules wether the design should be in three-dimensions, flat, or in a certain shape. – the sign’s size: we should be able to put 5 signs in a car passenger’s seat( if possible, it would be best if the sign could be foldable) -The sign’s message should be self-contained within a single sign, not requiring placement of several signs in order to understand it – the average cost for 1 sign would be approximately 50,000JPY [creative image] – We are expecting something that would represent the concept of OPEN HOUSE, something innovating! * You can see a rough idea of the design on page 2 of the PDF file:

* If you are using Internet Explorer, please use version 9 and above. -We are expecting something that reflects the company’s identity *For example, an idea reflecting the people and their neighbourhood. – The company’s logo MUST be on the sign. *Since the logo is used in commercials and other PR activities, we would like it to be linked to them. *Here is the link for the commercial video:

[Materials to use] The logo datas and all the necessary materials can be downloaded with the link below:

[Important] 1- We will not accept files that contain information taken on other websites or the ones that don’t respect other person’s copyright. 2- The deliverable (logo design)’s ownership will go to our company. Selection Process We, OPEN HOUSE CO, LTD, and SKETS, will select the winning project that fits the most to our expectations in a an equally way. Additional Info Take note that sometimes we decide not to choose a winner. Prize ¥200,000 Detail First Prize: JPY 150,000
Second prize: 10,000 JPY × 5 people

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