Contest for the “Ichie” shop front: a Po…|Skets(スケッツ)

We are looking for an original Pop display’s design for Ichie’s shop front, a project developed by Skets. We are looking forward to seing how you will be able to share ichie’s beauty through awesome deisgns! “Expected image” Target: beauty savvy women Taste: Bright and vivid pop colors that would make you want to taste it. “Requirements” “fruits and raw veggies which preserve all the nutriments that you can eat simply, even when you don’t have time, to make you beautiful” Insert a catch phrase that appeals to the sentence above. Example: a simple snack that makes you beautiful! – Product price: 1,800\ – Content capacity: vegetables > 9g fruits > 12g -POP size: about A4 size *You can use illustrations and graphics Use the elements below: Ichie’s materials/photos package

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*download the elements above and use them freely

Ichie’s products page:

Ichie’s projects page :

*Here you can see Ichie’s other projects. Please take check the brand’s story and the products names. We are waiting for your applications! “important” 1- We will not accept files that contain information taken on other websites or the ones that don’t respect other person’s copyright. 2- The deliverable (logo design)’s ownership will go to our company. Selection Process Entry conditions Selection process: We will select the winning project that fits the most to our expectations. * Take note that sometimes we decide not to choose a winner. Prize ¥40,000 Detail 1st winner: 30,000 JPY (whose design will be be used for the front shop) 2nd winner: 2 persons will be selected with a reward of 5,000 JPY for each.

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