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As we say time and time again, a DAC is the easiest way to improve the sound of your music. These days lossless music isn’t hard to come by, and with more streaming services offering high-resolution playback, the only thing that is really holding people back is what they’re listening on. It’s a new year, and of course, we have some new gear, so let’s talk about our favorite portable USB DACs of 2022.

iFi Hip DAC 2:
iFi Go Blu:
Astell&Kern HC2:
Clarus Coda:
iFi Go Bar:
iFi Gryphon:
Chord Mojo 2:
iFi Diablo:
Chord Hugo 2:

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0:00 | Introduction
0:17 | Let’s get straight to business…
0:43 | Why DACs are important
2:19 | iFi Hip DAC 2: $189
3:59 | iFi Go Blu: $199
5:34 | Astell&Kern HC2: $249
6:57 | Clarus Coda: $300
8:25 | iFi Go Bar: $329
10:03 | iFi Gryphon: $599
12:00 | Chord Mojo 2: $775
13:57 | iFi Diablo: $999
15:34 | Chord Hugo 2: $2,950
17:52 | How to choose what’s right for you?
20:01 | Learn More

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